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Held in 8 locations around Sydney, outdoor exercise is the new, fun, effective and easy way to get fit and look great!

What is outdoor Exercise?

Outdoor exercise is held in 6 week intervals, and allows you to train with a group of people who will help motivate you to achieve your goals. Outdoor exercise is also effective because the classes are always held by at least one experienced group fitness instructor, in order to guide you on the methodologies and training techniques which best suit you...in addition to this, the outdoor exercise instructors are there to help and motivate you every step of the way.

What is involved in an outdoor exercise session?

Although there is a general misconception about this, outdoor exercise is much more than just running laps around a park. A good outdoor exercise boot camp session involves boxing routines, sit ups, push ups, planks, team activities, sand bags and much more complicated outdoor exercise equipment,,,

When are outdoor exercise sessions held?

Outdoor exercise classes are held multiple times a day in multiple locations, making it conveniant to ensure that you can easily attend all the sessions. Generally classes are held either early in the morning - before you hit the work day, or later in the evening - a refreshing session after a day at work. There are different session times for each outdoor exercise course.

How much does it cost to join an outdoor exercise group?

Urban Boot camp have implemented a new business strategy which allows you to get

effective outdoor exercise for as little as $20 per week! Click here to find out how!

New outdoor exercise trainers

We now have 10 outdoor exercise trainers on board all around Sydney.

Our trainers are all experienced in helping you achieve all your fitness and health goals.






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Outdoor exercise is fun and effective!

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