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Being cooped up in the office all day? Why would you then want to be cooped up in a sweaty overcrowded gym? Urban Boot Camp offers the outdoor exercise alternative.

Our outdoor exercise circuit utilises park surroundings such as hills, steps, stairs, park benches as well as our own large array of Urban Boot Camp equipment in open wide fresh air.

Our members choose many goals ranging from weight loss, to increased fitness to stress relief.

Outdoor exercise consists of circuit training that enables you to improve in strength, while increasing your cardio fitness and burning up a stack of calories. You will be motivated by our personal trainers to achieve your goals and still enjoy being apart of the outdoors.

Outdoor exercise is filled with variety of exercises in a team fun filled environment. Being apart of a group allows you to be more social and you get to feed off each other's motivation. We also incorporate the basic needs of fitness with resistance, cardio and stretching to ensure your success at reaching your goal.

Weight loss can be a positive outcome of exercise, however it is not the only positive enforcements. With our outdoor exercise program you will generally improve your lifestyle by stress management, boosting metabolism, increasing your energy and libido, improving your flexibility, strength, coordination and balance....




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Outdoor exercise is fun and effective!

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